iCar 2 Bluetooth BT 3.0 interface + SDPROG EN software (BOX)


The iCar2 diagnostic interface with Bluetooth 3.0 communication and SDPROG diagnostic program in a box version. Available for Android, download at:
– Google Play
– AppGallery

To use the SDPROG diagnostic program, log in to your MySDProg account. To create a MySDProg account, please provide the activation code received after purchasing the product (click here to create an account).

The program diagnoses all makes and models of cars that were manufactured in accordance with the OBDII system. The app supports petrol, diesel and hybrid electric cars. Introduction of OBDII standard in the world:

USA and Asia:
– since 1996

– since 2000 for petrol engines
– since 2004 for diesel engines


SDPROG enables:

  • read out the cause of the Check Engine/MIL light illuminates on dashboard
  • read out fault codes: stored, pending, permanent, generic and manufacturer-specific
  • Clear fault codes
  • obtaining useful information on the probable cause of the fault and how to rectify it

Available for systems:

  • Android 5.0 and later

All OBDII codes:

The program can read all codes applicable to the OBDII system

  • P – powertrain
  • B – body
  • C – chassis
  • U – network

Wersje językowe:

  • Polska (PL)
  • Angielska (EN)
  • Węgierska (HU)
  • Rumuńska (RO)
  • Hiszpańska (ES)
  • Portugalska (PT)
  • Hindi (HI)
  • Niemiecka (DE)
  • Czeska (CS)
  • Słowacka (SK)
  • Bułgarska (BG)
  • Rosyjska (RU)
  • Serbsko-chorwacki (SH)

SDPROG is an advanced diagnostic software that allows you to connect to the control unit and the on-board computer of your vehicle, providing the most important information and parameters related to the operation of the vehicle.

The tool is very intuitive and easy to use. It is a very good solution for people who appreciate having more control over their car. It makes it possible to monitor the vehicle’s performance in real time.

SDPROG supports all brands and models of cars manufactured to date, regardless of their country of origin. This is made possible by the OBDII/EOBD system, which was introduced by all manufacturers with the advent of environmental standards forcing the use of a unified diagnostic system in cars.

A diagnostic interface, supporting the OBDII/EOBD system, is required to be connected to the OBD2 port. The most popular diagnostic interface is the ELM327, which appears under various names. The device allows you to achieve communication with the car via Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

The programme is equipped with an extensive database of technical tips, thanks to which the user is able to easily locate and remove the fault in his car.

OBDII mode

The OBDII/EOBD module supports all car brands and models up to the year 2024, regardless of the country of manufacture. This is possible because the OBDII/EOBD system was installed in vehicles with the introduction of environmental protection standards, which require car manufacturers to use a uniform diagnostic system.

Rich database of technical tips:
  • possible causes of a fault
  • reasons for the appearance of an error code
  • possible symptoms
  • principle of operation of the component
Useful information when buying a car:
  • distance traveled since the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) light was activated
  • time since the fault codes were cleared
  • time since the MIL light was activated
Monitoring the operation of individual sensors in the car:
  • engine temperature, intake air, and ambient temperature
  • accelerator pedal position
  • voltage in the electrical system
  • turbocharger boost pressure
  • lambda probe voltage
Testing the condition of the battery and voltage regulator:
  • battery voltage at rest during idle
  • voltage drop during startup
  • charging status at idle
  • charging status under load


Diagnostic monitors

Access to this function provides quick, simple, and at the same time very valuable information about the condition of a given vehicle.
Using it, we can determine whether a given fault exists and whether it has been correctly removed.
We can also find out if the fault codes were cleared a while ago to hide the damage to the vehicle.
Additionally, it will protect us against serious faults that appear sporadically.

Parameter monitoring

Easy monitoring of selected car parameters is possible thanks to the option of customizable gauges and charts. The list of supported parameters and data is closely related to the connected car.

Checking overloads in the car

A function that allows you to check overloads in the car based on the gauge. The function is intended to enable the user to read the current overloads while driving. The function shows the current and maximum overload value.

Race Mode

Race mode is a configurable functionality that allows you to assign visual and audio signals to a user-defined engine speed value. It is possible to set the function in such a way that gear changes take place at the ideal moment in terms of acceleration.
Information about the speed at which the engine achieves its maximum power should be sought from publicly available sources, such as internet forums or press articles.

Service mode

The service mode in SDPROG offers users the ability to perform the following actions:
  • Reading and diagnosing each module in the car, which enables a full analysis of the condition and operation of individual vehicle systems.
  • Erasing fault codes from a selected car module, which allows you to quickly remove errors and improve the operation of the vehicle.
  • Reading available car parameters, including particularly important DPF, GPF, PEF and FAP parameters in diesel engines. Thanks to this, users can track and monitor the condition of the particulate filter, which affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the engine and the overall performance of the vehicle.
Module diagnostics also provide insight into other key vehicle parameters and technical data, providing a comprehensive assessment of the condition and performance of selected systems for specific engines.

Check if your car is compatible with the application in service mode

Where will it be most useful?


  • possible causes of the fault
  • reasons for the error code
  • possible fault symptoms
  • operating principle of the component
  • reading error codes of modules available in the car
  • error code types and statuses to facilitate fault diagnosis

The conscious

  • monitoring the temperature of the engine, intake air and surroundings
  • monitoring the position of the accelerator pedal
  • monitoring the voltage of the electrical installation
  • turbocharger boost pressure monitoring
  • DPF, GPF, PEF and FAP filter monitoring
  • monitoring injection corrections in combustion cars
  • many others


  • distance traveled since the MIL light appeared
  • time since fault codes were cleared
  • time since the MIL light appeared

The set includes

  • SDPROG software for mobile devices with Android
  • Diagnostic interface iCar2 OBDII/EOBD Bluetooth 3.0
  • Instructions
  • Access to updates
  • Activation code providing lifetime access to the programme, free updates and technical support. The activation code is necessary to create a MySDProg account