Advanced diagnostics

The service mode in SDPROG offers users the ability to perform the following actions:

  • Reading and diagnosing each module in the car, which enables a full analysis of the condition and operation of individual vehicle systems.
  • Erasing fault codes from a selected car module, which allows you to quickly remove errors and improve the operation of the vehicle.
  • Reading available car parameters, including particularly important DPF parameters in diesel engines. This allows users to track and monitor the condition of the particulate filter, which affects the efficiency and performance of the engine and the overall performance of the vehicle.

Module diagnostics also provide insight into other key vehicle parameters and technical data, providing a comprehensive assessment of the condition and performance of selected systems for specific engines.

Access to all modules in the car

Using the SDProg software, you can perform diagnostics of all modules in the car. The program allows you to remove frequently occurring error codes and diagnose the fault. Access to all modules is a key function that ensures full control of the vehicle.

Additionally, the automatic scanning function allows you to scan the entire car to detect any damage. It is also worth noting that SDProg offers regular software updates so that users can benefit from the latest features and fixes, as well as technical support that is available to help troubleshoot problems and optimize system performance.

Diagnostics of the selected module

Using the SDProg software, it is possible to perform detailed diagnostics of the selected module in the car. The advantage of this software is that it provides key data such as error status and type, which is important in distinguishing whether a detected error code indicates a mechanical or electrical fault. Additionally, the error code status indicates which codes are active and which are pending. Active error codes require corrective intervention and cannot be cleared using the app.

Monitoring DPF, GPF, FAP i PEF

Using the SDProg software, it is possible to read the available car parameters, including particularly important parameters of DPF, GPF, PEF and FAP filters. Monitoring these filters is crucial because it allows you to keep track of the condition of your particulate filter. This has a direct impact on the efficiency of the engine and the overall performance of the vehicle, as well as on the reduction of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Regular monitoring and maintenance of the proper condition of particulate filters is also important for economic and ecological reasons. This prevents costly repairs related to clogged filters, which can lead to more serious engine failures. Additionally, maintaining optimal efficiency of these filters helps reduce fuel consumption and extends the life of your car.

The use of SDProg in monitoring and diagnostics of these key elements allows for earlier detection of problems and appropriate response, resulting in less downtime and lower vehicle maintenance costs.