• Instructions for creating an account at www.mysdprog.com

    1. Launch www.mysdprog.com.
    2. Click on account registration.
    3. Fill in the fields with your own email address, account password and the SDPROG license key you received.
    4. Create an account by clicking on “Register”.
    5. Confirm the activation link that was sent to the email address you provided.
    6. Once the email address is activated, the account is active and with this account you can log in to the SDPROG application.
    7. With the same account, you can log in to mysdpro.com to check connected devices, delete selected devices and preview your own SDPROG license key.
  • Bluetooth interface connection instructions

    1. The diagnostic interface should be connected to the OBD2 port in the car.
    2. Turn the ignition key (or press the Start Engine button without using the brake) to turn on the ignition.
    3. Pair the device (e.g. smartphone) with the interface via Bluetooth (Bluetooth settings tab of the device
    4. Run SDPROG and then select the communication type as Bluetooth in the settings.
    5. Make a connection attempt using the “Connect” button on the home screen.
  • Instructions for connecting the USB interface

    1. Plug the diagnostic interface into the OBD2 port in the car.
    2. Connect the interface to the PC via USB port.
    3. Run SDPROG and make a connection test. The program will automatically find the interface on one of the COM ports.

    The most frequent problems with connecting the USB interface:

    1. The application cannot find the interface.
      • Before connecting the device, open the device manager.
      • In the manager window, expand the “Ports (COM and LPT)” tab.
      • After connecting the interface, check to which COM port the device has been assigned. The list will update automatically when the interface is connected to the computer.
      • In the SDPROG settings, select the COM port read from the device manager.
    2. The interface is not detectable.
      • If the interface is not detected by the computer, it is necessary to install additional FTDI drivers.
      • If a third-party interface is used, dedicated drivers must be installed: Prolific, CH340, CP210.
  • Where to find the OBD2 port in the car?

    The OBD2 diagnostic port is most often located below the steering column on the left side. There are also cars with the port hidden in the centre tunnel or glove box. Information on the location of such a port in a specific car model can be easily found on the Internet.

  • Does the engine need to be running when connecting the interface?

    No, only the ignition is required to be switched on. The engine must be running when testing the current performance of the engine.

  • Why does the programme require the GPS location to be enabled?

    GPS location is required for the interface to connect correctly with the smartphone.

  • I performed the connection procedure correctly according to the instructions, but failed to connect to the car, what to do?

    It is worth performing a restart of the device to be connected (e.g. smartphone) and removing the interface from the OBD2 port, and then performing the whole procedure again.

  • How many devices can the programme be installed on at the same time?

    SDPROG can be used on three devices of different types (smartphone/tablet/computer) simultaneously.

  • Does the licence need to be renewed?

    No, the purchase of a licence is a one-off. Access to the programme and all updates is for lifetime.

  • I have lost my activation code, can I get it back?

    The activation code is located inside the product packaging. It is not possible to restore the key in case of losing its physical version. We encourage you to register on mysdprog.pl. During registration, the code is permanently assigned to your account. After logging in, the key is visible in the user panel.

  • Why was the activation code not accepted?

    The activation code must be correctly transcribed, otherwise it will not be accepted.

  • I do not remember the password to my account on mysdprog.com, what can I do?

    There is a possibility to reset your password on the website using your email address.

  • Why is a message displayed that the maximum number of devices has been registered?

    The maximum number of simultaneously logged devices has been used up. After logging in at mysdprog.com under the “Registered devices” tab, there is an option to delete selected devices to free up “space” for another device.

  • Will the programme work in a car with LPG installation?

    Yes, but depending on the type of system and the method of installation in the car, there are cases of interference with the interface or a complete lack of connectivity. In this case, it is necessary to switch off the LPG system for the duration of the car diagnostics.